Metal Recovery

Bateman Engineering, through the Atoll group of companies, is a leader in the metal-recovery plant (MRP) market with major and mobile installations operating in Southern Africa and elsewhere,

Specialist metal-recovery services are provided to metallurgical processors and mining enterprises, with the principal activity being the recovery of metal alloys such as FeMn, FeNiCr, FeCr and SiMn from slag dumps and other waste streams through two different business models. In the first model, a toll treatment service offers the processing of slag dumps (or other waste streams) for a fixed fee per ton, with all recovered metal handed over to the client. In the second model, processing operations are undertaken through a joint venture established with the owner of the slag dump, typically on a 50/50 basis, with Atoll providing know-how, financing and operational expertise.

The MRPs based on gravity separation utilise the Atoll and Apic jigging and classification technology. Coal, ore and industrial minerals are also beneficiated by jigging, while stainless-steel dusts and base-metal slags are smelted in DC furnaces to recover valuable metals.

Since its formation, Atoll has built 11 major metal-from-slag recovery plants in Southern Africa capable of processing between 120 and 200 t/h of slag. It has also constructed a 100 t t/h plant for Sweden, a 60 t/h plant for France and has supplied 10 t/h to 35 t/h mobile jigging plants to clients throughout the world.

The build own, operate (BOO) services, provided through Apic Toll Treatment (Pty) Ltd, have also been well received by the mining industry. Today Atoll operates a 150 t/h plant at Transalloys, a 100 t/h plant at Vargön Alloys in Sweden, a 60 t/h plant at Comilog, France, a 200 t/h plant at Middelburg Ferrochrome, a 150 t/h plant at Hernic Ferrochrome, and an 80 t/h plant at SA Ferrochrome. It also has joint venture toll treatment operations at three other sites in South Africa, one in Brazil, one in USA, and one in Russia.

These plants enjoy high recoveries combined with a cost effective operation, producing saleable coarse metal (<2 % slag) at >95 % recovery, saleable fines (<2 % slag) at > 95 % recovery and ultrafines (<10 % slag) at >70 % recovery.

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