About Bateman

Bateman Engineering N.V. (BATEMAN) is a technologically-driven engineering-project house serving the minerals and metals industries worldwide, covering mining, minerals and metals processing, ferroalloys, mineral salts, enironmental protection, bulk-materials handling and water and effluent treatment. It also serves the power and energy markets in Southern Africa.

Solutions are provided to the challenges of converting natural resources into marketable products, comprising process-orientated engineering, specialist niche technologies, financial and commercial facilitation and contracting and project management. All kinds of projects are handled, from the largest turnkey contracts to retrofits, modifications, the installation of processing equipment and plant audits.

The company is registered in the Netherlands.

The company operates primarily in developing regions with evolving economies where satisfying market needs and securing new business is promoted by the ability to assist clients to raise project funding and arrange commercial agreements. Flexible contract structuring manages commercial risk.

BATEMAN has also adapted its core project-management capability and global competencies to the difficult and remote terrains and minimal infrastructure usually associated with the exploitation of wealth-creating products like precious metals and diamonds. With the assistance of a networked communications system, projects can be conducted by task forces which draw together the collective expertise and experience of the company, the client and other specialists.

BATEMAN engineers are specialists in applying technologies to design and construct process plants tailored to client specifications. By remaining abreast of state-of-the-art process technologies through its contacts internationally, the group ensures that innovative but proven technology is offered to its clients.

The services are marketed and offered from the office best suited to ensure clients receive a cost-effective and efficient service.